Friday, March 16, 2018

Le Chat; Dare to Wear English Rose Collection, Spring 2018

Afternoon!  I'm rushing around, so typical.  Need to drive over the hill to Aptos to get a race bib for tomorrow.  I swear, my life is ruled by races and soccer.  LOL, I wouldn't change it, I love it!  It's going to be a rainy day race, that's for sure.  All this rain definitely has me in the mood for Spring shades and the new Le Chat English Rose collection totally fills that need.  This collection is 6 creamy pastels that will make fabulous Easter Egg nails and will be nice transition shades into the Summer.  They're also all kinds of perfect if you are tired of bold and dark colors.  You can pick up the lovely English Rose collection over at the Le Chat website now for $6.95 each. Let's jump in and check them out!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stella Chroma for Girly Bits Exclusives; Queen Of All My Dreams & Pilot Of The Storm

Good morning sweets!  How's the morning treating you?  It's Thursday, we are almost to the weekend *insert cat hanging from a branch poster* and Hang In There!  I remember my childhood best friends had one of those at her house and I always thought it was cute.  So today I have exciting news!  Girly Bits will begin stocking Stella Chroma on 3/20!  You know what that means...EXCLUSIVE SHADES!  There are 2.  They are both fabulous.  You will need them.  Queen Of All My Dreams and Pilot Of The Storm will be available over at Girly Bits staring on 3/20 for $17.75 CAD each.  Alright my friends, let's not dilly dally with banter, let's check these faboosh polishes out! 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dreamland Lacquer; I've Got Another Puzzle For You

Afternoon dears!  It's another rainy day here, like soft showers with bouts of heavy downpour in between.  But now I'm just cold and sleepy.  I've got a pretty polish to share with you though, it's orange and bright and reminds me of Summer.  So yeah, I'm trying to trick myself in to being warm.  This is I've Got Another Puzzle For You, a custom for the Orange You glad to be Here Facebook group.  You'll be able to purchase IGAPFY 3/15 - 3/31 for $10.   Shall we jump in to the post?  

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stella Chroma Hella Handmade Creations, March 2018 - The Nightwander, Peri-Wrinked In Time & Pluminescence

Evening all!  I got a break from being a shuttle driver today and got to make dinner (soup since it's raining and cold) and I even just took a little pre-bedtime nap.  But I'm still freezing! So I'm in a blanket and taking a few to share a post featuring the Stella Chroma holos for the Hella Handmade Creations group (fka Hella Holo Customs, aka HHC).  These are some uber holo beauties that are surely going to make your day!  You can pick up this Stella Chroma/HHC trio for $13 each, starting 3/14 at 12:01am EST.  They'll be available until the end of March.  That's in like an hour!  So let's jump in and check them out.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

KBShimmer; Launch Party Collection - Magnetic Multichromes

Tap tap tap, is this thing on?  Guys, you want to have a seat for this.  Seriously, it's 5:00 somewhere so grab a mimosa or a wine or a coffee and grab a comfy chair and get ready for a long post full of awesome.  KBshimmer has gone through a major rebrand, new labels, new boxes, updates scents, water and oil proof labels on the body care items, reformulated lotions and mani shot.  I told you!  MAJOR rebrand!  But fret not, it's the same great brand you have know and loved for the last 10 years.  To celebrate Christy came up with a jaw dropping new collection, the Launch Party Collection. It's a magnetic multi chrome collection.  Yup, you heard that right, magnetic AND multi chrome.  The Launch Party Collection will be available on 3/15 and you can pick up the entire set of 9, plus a magnet, plus a super cute multi chrome zippered pouch for $90 OR you can buy individual bottles for $10 each.  Ok, since this post is pretty huge lets stop with the chatter and get to the pictures!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Beauty Review: Glossier

Oh hai! Guess what?  I have yet another beauty product review for you! Hey you know, sometimes it gets tiring to only do nail polish all the time!  I like skin care and makeup and bath products as much as the next guy and gal.  So I have to tell you that back in the summer I was on the hunt for some serums.  They were all the rage and I wanted in on the fun.  Well after lots of Amazon and Instagram searching I came across Glossier and was really intrigued...the models looked so clean and shiny and happy.  I wanted to be those models (or at least just clean and shiny and happy).  So I took the plunge and and ordered some stuff.  Ok I'm lying.  I bought a lot.  And I've made more purchases, mostly refill products, because I have been so pleased with the brand!  Glossier is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, paraben free, alcohol free, and they do NOT test on animals.  Their line ranges from skin care and makeup to body and fragrance.  Alrighty, this is a huge post so lets get started.  Oh and if you want to try Glossier you can save 10% today using the link HERE.  

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Envy Lacquer Bath & Body Products: Soap Envy Jelly Soap & Whipped Soap

Morning beauts!  Since I seem to be on a roll with body care products I figured I'd keep it going with a few products from Envy Lacquer.  Ok here's the deal though, I purchased these from the Indie Shop San Francisco which was back in August or September of 2017.  Yes, I still have untried stuff from then, but these I tried almost immediately because they were so interesting.  I've just been too swamped with deadlines to post them.  The Envy brand is currently being revamped so the website is empty at the moment but there's an ETA of March 24th to reopen with products, including the Whipped Soap and Jell Soap, YAY!  I totally suggest you try them out as I really enjoyed both.  Even Naomi got quite a laugh from the jiggly soap and it made shower time pretty fun!  And keep an eye on the Indie Shop Page for upcoming events (the March event is sold out).  

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